Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing 5.4

Enhances the user's typing skills through a series of tutorials

Improve your typing speed and accuracy by learning to place your fingers in the right position on the keyboard and by practicing.

Typing fast and without mistakes is essential today, when keyboards and screens have largely replaced the old pen and paper. The program RapidTyping can really help you become a better typist through a series of tutorial lessons. The program has a nice and simple interface.

The application starts by teaching you to place your fingers in the right positions so that finding the keys becomes automatic and you can concentrate on what you see on the screen instead of keeping an eye on the keyboard. Moreover, this typing tutorial has lessons suitable for not only beginners but expert typists as well. Every time you finish one of these practices, you receive statistics of your performance, thus you can work on your most frequent typing mistakes later.

Fortunately, the tool can come in handy not only for self-taught students but typing instructors as well. It allows creating groups and adding students to them. Moreover, it can keep track of their outcomes and even export them to PDF documents. Similarly, it allows creating customized courses.

All in all, RapidTyping can help its users improve their typing skills, mostly by familiarizing them with the keyboard. Although it covers various levels of typing, in my opinion, it's much more appropriate for inexperienced typists. Luckily, it's flexible enough to allow using either both hands or just one of them. Similarly, it supports various languages and keyboard layouts.

Pedro Castro
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  • It provides effective tutorial lessons
  • It shows statistics of your performance
  • It supports various languages and keyboard layouts
  • It allows creating groups and designing lessons


  • It's not very appropriate for advanced typists
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